There are a TON of ways to add value to your home. With the way the housing market stands today, there is one way to add value that is better and a more sure guarantee than any other way. Watch this video as I walk you through my own personal home and show you how my wife and I are adding this value to our home as we speak!

Watch This Video On The Best Way To Add Value to Your Home

As you saw, home values are at an all time high. The main determining factor in this is simply square feet. Due to the fact that there is a massive shortage of available homes, homes are being sold easily whether the kitchen is nice or not, whether the bathroom has a glass shower or not, whether the door is painted or not, and even, whether the neighborhood is nice or not.

If the market were slower, this would not be the case. Think about it like this. If I list a house for say $500,000 and there are only 10 people in the entire area looking for a house in this range, but they don’t like the look of the kitchen etc, it may be tough for me to sell this home. However, if I upgrade the kitchen, one of those 10 may decide that it is worth it to put in an offer on that home. Right now the issue is, there are hundreds of people looking for homes in that range in a given area and only 1 of those houses pop up as available, thus causing people to bid over asking price regardless of the condition because they just want to get in the home.

The moral of the story is, you can spend as much as you want upgrading that kitchen but if you want to truly add value to your home in this market, you need to find a way to add LIVABLE sqft. To determine how much your home could go up in value, you have two options.

So How Do I Know How Much My Home Will Be Worth?

Option 1: Call a licensed realtor (like me) and ask, “how much is my home worth now?” and “how much will my home be worth if I add X sqft.” We will be able to pull the data and give you a very accurate number to make this happen.

Option 2: Click on the tab of my website that is labeled “find a home.” Type in your neighborhood and find a home that shows “contingent” this means a home in your neighborhood has been listed and a contract has been accepted. Then, look at the Price Per Sqft and the total sqft. Let’s say the home is $200/sq ft and the total sq ft is 3000. If your home is comparable to this, you would simply take your current sqft + the sqft you are going to add to your house x $200/sqft and you will get the total you could sell your home for.

******THIS IS NOT THE MOST ACCURATE WAY TO DO IT. For the most accurate way, choose option 1. It’s simple, painless and doesn’t cost you a penny!

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